Our Support Services

Experience unparalleled convenience with our Services at Salty Spaces. Designed to cater to your business needs, these offerings offer access to our professional reception and administrative staff, enabling you to delegate tasks and focus on driving your business forward.

Our Options

  • Dedicated Administrative Support: Access to skilled administrative professionals to assist in managing your calendar, handling emails, and organizing tasks to enhance your productivity.
  • Reception Assistance: Our welcoming reception team aids in managing incoming calls, and providing a professional point of contact for clients or inquiries.
  • Appointment Scheduling: Efficiently schedule and manage appointments, meetings, and bookings with the support of our organised staff.
  • Document Handling: Delegate document preparation, filing, and formatting tasks to our competent team, ensuring meticulous organization of your paperwork.
  • Business Correspondence: Allow our staff to manage business-related emails and correspondence, maintaining professionalism and prompt responses.
  • Calendar Management: Effectively manage your calendar, including scheduling, reminders, and coordination of meetings, ensuring optimal time management


These services are tailored to fit varying business requirements, hence priced differently based on specific needs. Connect with our team, and together, we’ll craft a personalized package that perfectly aligns with your business goals and preferences. Click here to email our team.