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Salty Spaces is a vibrant co-working haven nestled on the Sunshine Coast, designed for entrepreneurs seeking a flexible workspace with breathtaking views and a thriving community of like-minded innovators.

Visiting SC and need a space for a day?

For those visiting our beautiful Sunshine Coast we do same day pass’ which can be booked online. 

You can book at turn up same day between business hours of 9am to 5pm.

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Benefits of our coworking spaces.

Salty Spaces offers a unique advantage with its prime location situated on the Sunshine Coast’s Mooloolaba Wharf, providing breathtaking views of the waterfront. This stunning setting not only creates a serene and inspiring work environment but also offers members direct access to a vibrant precinct of restaurants, bars, and meeting spaces. The proximity to the beachfront allows for moments of mental rejuvenation and inspiration, enhancing creativity and well-being among members.

Our focus on fostering a community-driven workspace stands out. Members benefit from a collaborative and supportive atmosphere where connections flourish, ideas are exchanged, and collaborations emerge. The diverse community of young entrepreneurs on the Sunshine Coast provides ample networking opportunities, workshops, and events, enabling professional growth and meaningful interactions within the coworking space.

Salty Spaces offers flexible membership options tailored to different work styles and preferences. Members can choose between hot desks for dynamic workdays, or designated desks for consistency. Additionally, our space is equipped with premium amenities such as high-speed internet, fully serviced kitchens with an espresso machine and tea selection, and access to professional services like reception support and virtual office. These amenities create an efficient and comfortable work environment that supports productivity and collaboration among members.

What we are offering to creative people.

Stunning Water Views

Salty Spaces offers panoramic views of Mooloolaba wharf, adding tranquility and motivation to the work environment.

Prime Wharf Location in Mooloolaba

Salty Spaces, on Mooloolaba's vibrant wharf, offers members a diverse work-life experience.

Community-Centric Approach

We nurture a collaborative community with curated events fostering member interaction and idea exchange.

Beachfront Proximity

Mooloolaba Beach, is a mental wellness oasis, providing balance, rejuvenation, and inspiration for our members beyond the scenic view.

Coastal-Inspired Aesthetics

Our coastal-inspired workspace maximizes natural light and airy design for enhanced productivity and creativity

We're excited for you to join us, explore, and experience firsthand what we're all about.

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